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On Arrival specialises in comprehensive resettlement and family support services from our clients’ initial orientation or ‘look see’ visit through to full resettlement in their new city, community, and home.  Our services continue with on-going community integration, social and networking support.

Recognising our clients commitment to providing a positive working environment for their new employees, On Arrival’s resettlement services are designed to complement this approach by attending to the needs of the employees’ families.

Pre Arrival Support

On Arrival’s Pre-Arrival Support Services
cover all aspects of:

  • Preview Orientation Tour
  • Transport Services
  • Alliance Partner Services
  • Pre-Arrival Information Services
  • Personal Relocation Questionnaires
  • Location Information Pack
  • Pre-Departure Services Checklist
  • Telephone and E-Mail Support
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Temporary Accommodation Booking
Fully Comprehensive packages

On Arrival offers Three, Fixed Price,
Comprehensive packages for
Individuals, Couples, and Families,
covering all aspects of:

  • Pre-Arrival
  • On Arrival
  • Home Finding Service
  • School Search Services
  • Community Orientation
  • Spouse/Family Support
  • On Arrival New Zealand Club
  • On-Going
Stand Alone Services

We are happy to customise your resettlement Services through our Stand Alone Options.

  • Pre-Arrival Visit and Orientation
  • Orientation Services
  • Home Finding Services
  • School Search Services
  • Settling In Assistance and Support
  • Departure Services

Our Vision

We make a positive difference to people getting settled in a new city, by delivering incredible customer service and support through:

  • Helping people to be happy and settled in a new city
  • Being passionate about our services
  • Being the best there is in resettlement
  • Being people-centred, and going the extra mile for our clients
  • Being our clients’ first friends in New Zealand
  • Providing 100% satisfaction
porirua on arrival

We want to give you the best experience and service possible when moving to New Zealand

Here are the benefits of why you should use On Arrival

On Arrival ladies who lunch

On Arrival organises regular lunches and outings for our families who have recently relocated as a means of introducing them to others who have adopted New Zealand as their home and provide them with wide range of entertainment, lifestyle and networking benefits.

Meet others who have adopted New Zealand as their home, and share your experiences.

Simplifying the move
We will help simplify your move and sort out the finer details to allow you to say your farewells and spend quality time with the people you care about before heading to your next destination.

A friendly familiar face and voice at your new home

Our Consultants are all Ladies who have all been through an international move to New Zealand, so we deeply  understand the challenges and needs of our clients, and we are passionate about being the very best there is in resettlement.

Understanding your needs
We provide strategic research for you and your family including transport, home, school, community orientation, spouse and family support services.


We have numerous partners which enable us to help with your smooth transition and resettlement.

On Arrival Team Customer Satisfaction
Combined luncheon for our families in New Plymouth, Our wonderful consultant Sue (right)
On Arrival Services


Delivering high-quality services for international and domestic clients. Ask us about On Arrival’s resettlement support packages today.